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T.L.C. Homemade Worm Castings vermicompost black gold

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Homemade Worm Castings (vermicompost) aka worm poop

Vermicomposting is a process that relies on earthworms and microorganisms to help stabilize active organic materials and convert them to a valuable soil amendment and source of plant nutrients.

Earthworms will consume most organic materials, including food preparation residuals and leftovers, scrap paper, animal manure, agricultural crop residues, organic byproducts from industries, and yard trimmings. It's the worm's poop that we call "Black Gold".

Worm castings are far superior to any fertilizer, due to its rich nutrient content of enzymes, good bacteria and lots of water-soluble plant nutrients vital for plant growth. Compared to topsoil, castings contain 50 percent more humus. Some of the minerals include phosphorus, nitrates, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Worm castings may also contain copper, manganese zinc, nitrogen, carbon, iron, and borax.

Castings provide more than enough adequate organic nutrients in just one tablespoon of worm castings to help fight plant diseases, remove toxins from the soil, neutralize the ph of the soil by reducing the acid-forming carbon and to help increase the soil's water-retention.

Top dressing is the simplest and easiest way of using worm castings. In this method, the worm castings are simply added to the top of the soil surrounding the plant. You can use it for potted plants as well as garden plants. Castings can also be used as a side dressing.
Vermicompost can be used to start seeds, as well.

You have the option to get the castings soaked in our homemade worm tea