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About Us

The Lady Cove is owned by husband and wife team: Matthew and Andie Haran.

We met back in 2012 in San Diego. Andie was living in the cutest little garden bungalow that all of her friends called "The Lady Cove" and Matthew was just getting out of the Navy. We bought an old RV on craigslist and drove around the US for a little while before setting some roots in Florida.

As a hobby, Andie opened an Etsy shop to sell art and jewelry she was making, but people were more interested in the plants in the background! Having already been a plant collector and hobbyist for years, Andie had a lot of unique and rare plants we were able to chop and propagate and pass around right away!

The Etsy shop was really starting to take off once we added plants, and Andie made the decision to leave the service industry after 20 years to pour her heart and soul in to "The Lady Cove". About 6 months after being a registered and certified nursery, Matthew left his career to help Andie with TLC full time.

It's been an exciting journey thus far - and we grow a little more every day. Every stem cut gets us closer to our dream of owning a greenhouse or two and a brick and mortar nursery. 

We grow with a lot of love and we are grateful you are here.

You are always welcome at The Lady Cove!




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