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Instagram Live Plant Sale - Rules and Regulations


Orders ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday following the LIVE from Central Florida in the order in which they were paid for and completed. Sometimes we just can't get to your order by the time the last truck leaves town on Wednesday at 1pm, so we'll push your order off to ship the following Monday morning. I promise you we really hate it when we have to do this. It's rare that it happens, but we will reach out to you as soon as we know. 

Please, no changes to shipping details or item swap after invoice has been paid! This is when the mistakes happen.

Have an existing order with us? We can combine, no problem. This helps cut cost on shipping for you!

Please only use Instagram for communications regarding Instagram LiVE SALES. No need to Facebook message us and email us. This helps keep us organized.  

NO GHOSTING! None of your future claims will be taken seriously if you're a ghoster!

NO PASSING - only makes things difficult for everyone. KNOW WHAT YOU'RE BUYING!

When an item pops up that you're interested in buying, you must be the FIRST person say "sold + item number"

Matt will be following along under his IG: matthewharan on the laptop, and we'll go by whoever is first on his screen. No need for you to keep track of your claims - Matt keeps organized by writing down all the winners and their corresponding plants on his spreadsheet and we pull the plant and tag it with the winner's name and the plant is removed from the grow room immediately. It's a whole process!

If you need a photo of the item, take the screenshot for yourself during the live. 

In order to participate in giveaways, you've got to have already claimed something of value (or intend to by the end of the LIVE!) Giveaways are rewards for paying customers. Should you claim a giveaway, but nothing else, you'll be charged the full amount of the giveaway along with your shipping method cost. 

When you're done shopping the live, hop over to and create your account (if you haven't done so already). Click your name and then follow the prompts to enter your ENTIRE shipping address - this process prevents us from making a mistake entering your information.

Once you create your account, DM us (on instagram) your email address and let us know you've created your account and entered your shipping address. (It's ok if you haven't done this part yet - it just helps us to know that you've already created an account before we try to create one for you). Just be sure to let us know if you created the account yet or not. 

Please give us a little grace and understand that it's just Matt and Andie who run this whole thing, so a little patience goes a long way. Please respect normal business hours for messaging/communication and expect 24 hours for a reply. 

We offer a few shipping options for your convenience:

  • USPS Priority: starts at $12
  • USPS EXPRESS: starts at $55
  • UPS 3 DAY: starts at $16
  • UPS Second Day Air (2day): starts at $28
  • UPS NEXT DAY AIR: TBD, quote

💥UPS and USPS do NOT honor insurance claims for damaged perishable items - they only honor claims for lost packages. Each package will include $100 in LOST insurance – and The Lady Cove will be the one to file a claim with the carrier should your package go rogue (this typically happens on day 15).

Any shipping method you choose comes with obvious risks, and you need to be aware of this. Sure, folks ship priority all the time and nothing bad ever happens - but you've got to accept your risks with shipping live plants, and please consider upgrading to faster delivery. Even with upgrading to faster delivery, USPS Express is the ONLY option with a guaranteed delivery date! 

It will be in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the Carrier of your choosing. We are not USPS. We are not UPS. WE just grow the plants. YOU need to research the best shipping option for YOU and understand what's protected and what's not.  

We pack with a lot of love and a potentially rough trip in mind; however, crazy things can happen. We are not responsible for damages/delays caused by shipping carrier, crazy weather, and things outside of our control. KNOW YOUR WEATHER and CHOOSE THE RIGHT CARRIER! You are purchasing ALL items AS IS; buyer's risk. 

We will invoice you through our website. We accept many forms of payment - including SHOP PAY INSTALLMENTS (if you would rather use Klarna, we can create an etsy listing for you, but you will be required to cover etsy's seller fees for the transaction). 

You have 24 hours after you receive your invoice to make any changes before you pay. You have 24 hours to pay your invoice after you receive it. Once your invoice in paid, you cannot make any changes! 

Every single one of our invoice emails goes into your spam folder. We have no idea why, but you've got to check your spam folder for the invoice. 

If you have any issues with your invoice, please let us know in a timely fashion so we can get you figured out before ship day.

Plant may be removed from pot and shipped in a biodegradable grow bag to lessen carbon footprint impact during shipping. We try to do everything we can with Mother Earth in mind. You'll want to rip the bag open and pot up the plant right when you get it. Pot size may be reduced dramatically to help with shipping as well. This usually happens with larger orders to help reduce the cost of shipping. 

PLEASE READ OUR SHOP POLICIES BEFORE YOU PAY YOU CHECKOUT! YOU CAN FIND IT AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR INVOICE. Once you pay for your invoice, you acknowledge and accept our policies and terms of service. 

Chonks are sold AS IS and we are not responsible for its future growth - that's on you! We promise you we will never ship you a chonk that we think would never make it.

Do your research and know how to grow the plant before you buy it! There is a Facebook Group for everything, so I suggest doing a little searching and find one that suits your needs completely.  

Please understand this is a HOBBY and we are all learning along the way.  What works best for us might not be the best advice for you. Your environment is different from ours and there's many variables that can determine why your plant is doing what it's doing - but that's up to YOU to figure out! Please research before you message us!

When you are submitting your wishlist, please be as specific as possible - give us actual names rather than "variegated things". 

we LOVE cool plant facts, funny jokes, and a good would you rather question! When you join in on the live, introduce yourself! Let's connect!

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Should there be an issue with your order, you must contact us within the first hour of receiving your package. We will check delivery time stamps. Reach out and let's see what we can do for you. We will help with issues caused directly by The Lady Cove. Everything else needs to acclimate. It's important to have realistic expectations when shipping plants online - some plants may need a little sunshine and a little water before they're back to 100%. Do not repot for 3 weeks while they acclimate to your brand new environment. Remember water is the #1 killer of all houseplants! With most cases for a happy plant: more light, less water! 

 Do not message us if your package is delayed. Your issue is with the carrier you choose  - not The Lady Cove. If you message us freaking out about your order being delayed, we're going to send you a direct link to this page.  99% off the time when a package is delayed to Monday, evening shows up perfectly fine.  If you're one of those people who gets very anxious about your potentially delayed package, EXPEDITE IT! Upgrade shipping! 

Important information on UPS that everyone should read: