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T.L.C. 'Aroid Mix', Light & Chunky, Homemade

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Looking for a high-quality, organic soil-less mix for your plants? Look no further than the T.L.C. Light & Chunky Aroid Mix. Handmade in small batches every week, this mix is specially formulated to provide your plants with all the nutrients they need to thrive.

The recipe includes a variety of premium ingredients such as handmade vermicompost, Perlite #8 and #4, Perlite #3 and Coarse perlite. Also included are Fir tree bark*, Coco husk chunks*, biochar and Coco coir* that have been soaked in worm tea right from the beginning before being mixed together with everything else.

All these ingredients work together to create an exceptional blend that promotes healthy plant growth while also improving soil structure and water retention. Plus, this organic mix is free from any harmful chemicals or synthetic fertilizers which means it's completely safe for you and your plants.

Invest in T.L.C Light & Chunky Aroid Mix today if you want lush greenery without any toxic additives!