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Maintain higher humidity around the cutting to encourage root development. You can cover the cutting with a plastic bag or place it in a humidity dome.

Indirect Light:

Provide bright, indirect light for the cutting. Avoid direct sunlight, which can be too harsh during the rooting phase.


Keep the rooting medium consistently moist but not waterlogged. Check regularly and water when the top layer feels slightly dry.


Be patient. Root development takes time, and the cutting may take several weeks to establish a strong root system.


Once the cutting has well-established roots, transplant it into a larger pot with regular potting mix.

Care for the New Plant:

Treat the new plant as you would a mature plant of its species. Provide appropriate light, water, and nutrients.


Don't be afraid to experiment with different plant species and cutting techniques. Some plants may prefer water propagation, while others thrive in soil.

Share Your Success:

Share your successful propagation stories and tips! 

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