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T.L.C World Famous Worm Tea - 16oz

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We make our tea by running spring fed lake water through our home-raised worm castings.
We get the water super concentrated and dark and then pour it in a big bucket with a little bit of molasses and a fish tank bubbler and we aerate it for 3 days and turn it into Liquid black gold!

Worm Tea is known mostly for its ability to boost microbiological activity in soil by adding bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, and protozoa to the soil.
The Tea will help sequester the heavy metals found in chemicals During hot summer days, Worm Tea can help retain water in soil.

When first starting out, dilute the Tea 50% water to 50% worm tea. Gradually work your way up to 100% tea in about a month or so.

We keep our tea in a squirt bottle and we leave it in the fridge.

Water your house plants, outdoor potted, hanging plants, your entire garden.
I use this for just about every single thing in my garden and I swear by it!

Cover the whole plant with Worm Tea (including the leaves!) from top to bottom to bottom of the roots

The beneficial microbes in Worm Tea help protect plants from diseases.

Worm tea is the most beneficial within the first few weeks after being bottled as every bottle organism is alive and thriving!
Worm tea can be kept in the fridge and will stay activated up to 2 months.
Refrigerate it right when it arrives to keep those microbes alive and well!

PLEASE REMEMBER: It is your responsibility to research what plants the tea is good for. There's a lot of information out there regarding Worm Tea. You've got a few days to learn all you can about it before it arrives! I hope you love it as much as I loved making it for you!

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16 oz bottle.