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T.L.C. peat free organic coco coir

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Coco Coir

Garden sustainably and naturally by using peat-free organic coco coir.
Coir, a waste product of the coconut, is completely sustainable and provides all the essential nutrients for the healthy growth of plants.
There are countless options for potting mix, but many of the most eco-friendly potting soil products contain coco coir. There are lots of reasons to use this growing medium in both container gardening and other growing applications.
Coco coir is a growing medium made from the fibers of coconut husk. The loose, clean fibers help potting mix retain enough water for plant roots, while also allowing excess water to drain away.
Coco coir offers excellent aeration and provides a blank slate environment where the grower has control over the vitamins and minerals a plant receives.

You have the option to get the coir soaked in our homemade worm tea