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T.L.C. Coarse Horticulture Vermiculite

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Vermiculite is a mineral (aluminum-iron, magnesium), which is mined and processed into granules that may be mixed into the soil to aid in aeration and drainage as well as adding often needed nutrients to the soil.

Vermiculite is incredibly lightweight, sterile and non-toxic. It is odorless and will not mold.

Vermiculite comes in a variety of sizes based on need. We have a larger size available in the shop.

Vermiculite will not rot or deteriorate and has a neutral pH of 7.

Vermiculite is a great way to start seeds with or without mixing with potting soil. Vermiculite is particularly good for a faster germination when starting seeds. Whether used alone or mixed with potting soil, vermiculite aids in anchoring tender root systems as well as helping your young plants better absorb the following critical nutrients: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Ammonium.

If you are opting to start your seeds in Vermiculite alone, you will want to feed your seedlings a mild fertilizer once you begin to notice the first sprouts or leaves.

Vermiculite is an excellent choice if you are looking for ways to enhance the soil and neutralize the pH in various areas of your garden. It can be used in raised beds, in-ground, and container gardening and will help with aeration and drainage. Vermiculite can be mixed with your garden, raised bed or container soil at a ratio of to . When adhering to this ratio, the benefits include: eliminates packed down soil in containers/pots, provides moisture control, allows for proper root spread, and helps drainage.

Vermiculite is a versatile garden and landscaping staple to have on hand. While its most popular use is either to start seeds or add to our potting mix, the benefits of having it on hand for other lawn and garden uses may surprise you.

Overwinter your root crops and bulbs in Vermiculite. Place them in a container and pour Vermiculite over them, layering as needed. The Vermiculite will absorb excess moisture and prevent mold and mildew.

Use Vermiculite in flower arrangements by filling the vase/container with Vermiculite, pouring water over it and arrange the flowers. The Vermiculite will reduce the need to change the water in your arrangements.

Add Vermiculite to your worm bin. If you use worms for composting, adding Vermiculite to their bin or your compost, will help provide the worms with much needed grit to digest their food.