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Hoya & Dischidia

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Light: Bright filtered/dappled, or bright indirect light. Direct first morning light and direct setting sun is ok, but plant needs to be acclimated. You can "sun/stress" your hoya by placing in bright direct light for many hours out of the day. This is what gives Hoya 'Sunrise' it's bright red leaves. 

Water: The plant's specific water requirements depend on its environment! The more humid the environment, the less you'll have to water. The more light you provide, the more water you will want to provide. Assuming you're providing a quick-releasing medium, your plant will appreciate a heavy soak whenever the plant becomes moderately dry. Stick your finger down in the medium and you'll want to water if the tip of your finger is dry. The best time of day to water is in the morning before the sun is directly overhead and before it gets too hot. Hoya are naturally epiphytes, so they take in a majority of their water needs from the air. 

Humidity: 50-80%. You can get this plant to thrive in your ambient home environment, however you will need to properly acclimate the plant for it to be truly happy. You can pick up a moderately priced humidifier online and honestly, any one of them will get the job done. Pushing your plants together to create a "micro-climate" will help raise humidity as well. Also look into creating a "pebble tray" if you have one plant that requires a little more humidity than all the others. 

Soil: Light and chunky, quick releasing. Air circulation is not only important for the leaves, but also for the roots as well. Be sure to provide lots of perlite for optimum airflow. We suggest our Aroid Mix, our Aroid mix mixed 50/50 with our special vermicompost mix, or our coco/moss/perlite mix. Of course, the best mix option depends on your plant's specific needs. 


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