A Word From Dee

Hey everyone,

The Evolution of Relationships will have a brief pause. Look forward to the final installment of this series on February 27th. Until then, enjoy Valentines Day and celebrate black history month by doing something positive for the culture!!! Peace!

Ep 34 – The Evolution of Relationships part 3: Is love enough?

Today, it’s all about love!!! Or more specifically, is the idea of being in love with someone and whole heartedly loving them ENOUGH to sustain a relationship? You need to LIKE your significant other too, right??? Let’s talk about it!

Vibe Out Artist: Tank and the Bangas… Rollercoaster… this is a beautifully produced spoken word piece that we think you’ll enjoy!

EP 33 – The Evolution of Relationships Series Pt. 2: Let’s talk about sex!

On this episode of the Ladycove. We’ve got cumpny! Our girl Heather stops thru, grabs a drink and drops her perspective on the hot topic amongst most girl talk … Sex! Join us as we discuss a few different perspectives regarding sex within relationships.

Vibe out artist: Ella Mai with Sauce.

EP 32 – The Evolution of Relationships Series Pt. 1: Situationships and Situationshifts

For the month of January we will be discussing the ins and out of relationships. This reeks episode focuses on that coined term “situationship” and the ways in which people interchangeably and freely use it as well as the effects it has on two individuals to grow towards a relationship.

Ep – 31 All I Want For Christmas is Joy!

Join in as Chris and Dee shed some light on ways in which you can combat the seasonal depression that spikes during the holidays and also spread some laughs for those that may be in need of it! Vibe out artist: Desir’e w/ You Gotta Be… it’s a throwback yal. All you 80s babies should be hip. If not, hopefully this old but new track for you will bring some positivity your way!

EP – 29 #Goals

Listen I  as Chris and Dee drop gems while keeping the new year in mind. Let’s get that mind right! Faith Finances and fitness!!! 

Vibe Out Artist Today … Foreign Exchange! 

EP 28 – Me Myself and US!

Join in as Chris and Dee speak truth about the ins and outs of dating. More specifically, the importance of dating yourself prior to dating others in efforts of living your absolute best life with someone else.

Vibe out artist: Tobe Nwigwe with “WAVY” … this ex football player is LIT and we were feelin his vibe. So, enjoy.

EP 27 – The Art of Catering

Join the ladies as they talk about the men in their lives and how catering to them can be both rewarding and a bit annoying, especially when there are sports involved!


Ep 26 – Dazed and Confused

This week on the LadyCove, Chris and Dee discuss black self hatred and the detrimental effect it has on the black community. This conversation was triggered by a self loathing black family that went on national television and concocted a story about hating other blacks. Yep! THAT was their claim to fame. And, we had a bunch to say about it.

The VibeOut artist for today’s show is Mayyadda with Black Is Beautiful … listen as she serenades us in the need to appreciate our black beauty.