About Chris & Dee

Meet your hosts…Chris and Dee
These two go back like driver seats in Cadillacs. Since meeting as high school freshmen, Chris and Dee have shared the same wave on all things creative. Chris, has always been the too cool for school, petite chic with a big personality. Her stature is small but her presence always leaves a big impression. Dee, is the confident, outgoing, smart-ass, who can be a tad brash, but sweet at the core. It didn’t take long for these kindred souls (and bandmates) to find each other, and they have been kickin’ it ever since. Eighteen years later while catching, and cracking up, Chris and Dee had an epiphany: “Yo, we should be recording this shit … it’s hilarious”. And just like that The Lady Cove was born! The LadyCove is the collaborative brainchild of two old friends who aim to empower women and spread positivity through laughter, honest conversation and a little shit talking!