Welcome to The LadyCove!

The Podcast that brings a unique perspective to everything from pop culture to holistic living. Join Chris and Dee (our resident Licensed Clinician) as they discuss women’s issues, living your best life, blackness in America and a host of random shit that tickles their fancy. So, sit back and relax as these life-long friends share their most intimate and outrageous thoughts with you. You are sure to enjoy this light-hearted duo’s enlightening (and sometimes not so enlightening) conversations that will entertain and provoke thought. Got balls?… Don’t you worry, there’s a place in The LadyCove for men too! We don’t discriminate, fellas! So tune in and offer your manly perspective…to yourself (lol)! So let’s spread positivity, empower one another, and boost our mental health one week at a time in The LadyCove!